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this is a tumblelog of other people's art, textiles and words that I like. Click the image for credit/source.
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l got an email at the beginning of March inviting me to join in a stitch along experiment with Penguin & Fish.  I was sent their Crafty Cat and Knitty Kitty pattern outlines from their new Here Kitty Kitty collection, without any instructions. I was asked to interpret it as I wished!

Of course, I decided to base my embroidery on my beloved Maple!  I used free hand machine embroidery onto two layers of unbleached calico.

I changed a few designs elements to fit more with Maple’s personality!  I gave the cat a collar and made her quilt portray her favourite mouse toy! Maple slept on her cushion behind my machine which came in useful when stitching her fur! I decided on a red and pink pallet to try and not overpower the pattern with colour.

I think I’m going to get a couple frames for these and put them up in my very bare kitchen!


Jelly Bean Jar Quilt by PatchworkPottery on Flickr.

Toughened #sashiko #centurydenim #kapital

"You Go Glen Coco" Embroidery by StitchCulture
I don’t think I’ve ever stitched a picture with black floss before, seems silly now I think about it! #embroidery

jylian gustlin
Machine embroidery by Screaming Lulu


Collected Lines and Scattered details by Roanna Wells.


On the design wall. More scraps. More distractions. (at the blue room)

ship in bottle embroidery by knottybirdthreads on Flickr.
Embroidery today.

Do Ho Suh