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25 - textile artist - support worker - NI - This is a tumblelog of other people's art, textiles and words that I like. Click the image for credit/source.
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Awsome embroidered illustrations by Maruyama Asami


Anthony Gormley. Amazonian Field. 1992. Terracotta


Playing with inks! #ink #fountainpenink #sketch #sketchbook #painting #midori #midoritravelersnotebook
Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.
— Albert Camus, The Fall  (via larmoyante)


Vivian Maier, From Self-portraits

Thanks to darksilenceinsuburbia


Liliane (2014) - Johanna Thompson via Akimbo.

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Michael Mew Botanical serie (paint, collage, resin on wood panel)

TONIC, 2008, 36 x 36 inches

FULL ENGLISH PINT, 2008, 48 x 36 inches

DOMBEYA, 2009, 48 x 36 inches


Renee Kim

Elkészült. Kár, hogy a legvégére eltörött az üveg… :-)
I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.
— Roald Dahl (via theriverjordyn)

Night sky quilt Provenance unknown

Any one know the source for this? Google knows nothing.